The 4 Best Affordable Blogging Courses For Beginners

The Best Blogging Training Courses For New Bloggers

If you’re looking for an extensive list of blogging classes or online courses to read and listen to until you’re blue in the face, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m actually not very big on blogging courses – especially ones that cost a ton of money.


I just think that there are a lot of them out there that really aren’t necessary to be able to succeed with your blog.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I am against every blogging course or ebook. On the contrary, there a few resources that I HIGHLY recommend – affordable resources that have been invaluable to me as I’ve taken my first blog from a diary of poetry and odd posts into a profit-earning and reader friendly success story.

When I started my first blog several years ago I had a severely limited budget. For that reason, I read as much as I could about how to grow and make money from my site from any free resources that I could find. That meant reading a lot of blog posts and clicking around in WordPress for myself to figure out how formatting and publishing worked. I was able to gather enough knowledge to get my blog set up and begin to publish posts.

I didn’t need to pay for a course to figure out how to set up my blog, but I did reach the point a year or so into blogging where I needed some expert knowledge to really help me grow my traffic and leverage the content that I had created to start earning. That’s when I purchased my first blogging course. It was a course on how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog and was probably single-handedly the biggest reason that my blog grew to become a success. It was just the tool set of knowledge that I needed to start growing my blog traffic.

After that course I went on to purchase some additional coaching and courses, but not many or often.

In general, I haven’t found that I’ve needed a lot of courses to learn and find success with my blog. I’ve just needed a few high quality courses that have touched on specific topics necessary to grow and monetize a site. So I’ve titled this post “The Best Blogging Courses” because in this post I’m going to give you a brief summary of each of the courses that I truly recommend as you build your site and seek to make money from it.

There are a lot of courses out there. These I know are worth your time.

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase through one of my links I make a commission on your purchase – at no additional expense to you. You can read my full disclosure here.

The Best Blogging Training Courses That Don’t Break The Wallet

Pinteresting Strategies – This course by Carly Campbell is the course that I credit my blog’s traffic success with! Carly is excellent at spelling things out in a very applicable way and has several great resources available to beginner or intermediate bloggers. Pinteresting Strategies spells out everything you need to know about how to set up and use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers – This course also by Carly Campbell (I highly recommend all of her resources!) outlines how to make money with your blog through affiliate marketing. She helps you learn how to find affiliate programs and join them as well as how to best leverage affiliate partnerships on your site to get the highest click through rates and earn from the programs you are a part of!

Easy On Page SEO – Debbie Gartner has mastered bringing in search engine traffic to her blog and has developed courses to share the knowledge of how she’s done it! This course helps you learn how to structure your blog posts to help them rank with search engines.

Easy Backlinks For SEO – In addition to learning how to structure your blog posts to rank on search engines, its also essential to learn how to build a backlink profile for your site. This can seem like a daunting thing to understand but Debbie’s Backlink Building course walks you through exactly how to go about getting quality backlinks to boost your blog’s authority with search engines.

These are the courses that I recommend most to beginner and intermediate bloggers. They are straight-forward, published by bloggers that I trust, and full of valuable and easy to implement content. While I have purchased some other blogging resources and courses along the way, learning from these two bloggers has been pivotal in my own blogging journey and I am confident would be a valuable investment for other up-and-coming bloggers as well – especially if you are struggling to drive traffic to your blog or figure out how to make money from the traffic you get.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, not all great blog learning resources cost anything at all either! I have learned A LOT from and highly recommend taking a listen to the Blogging Millionaire podcast as well. Brandon Gaille talks through many strategies that he has used to grow his many blogs into profit churning enterprises on the podcast. Especially if you are interesting in learning more about keyword research and SEO, it’s a great (and completely free!) resource.

You can find The Blogging Millionaire podcast on your favorite podcast app or learn more about it on Brandon’s site here.

If you’re struggling with landing and administrating sponsored posts, I’ve also heard good things about this course by Tracie Forbes though I can’t personally vouch for it since I haven’t included sponsored posts into my monetization strategy for my blogs.

You can learn a lot about how to set up your blog, begin filling it with valuable content, and set it up to make money for you without investing in an extensive course. If you’re in that stage with your blog make sure you check out my posts on how to start a blog that is set up to make you money, core ways to make money blogging for beginners, and how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

Once you’ve established the foundations of your blog or if you’ve hit a wall with your blog growth or earnings, then one of the above courses might be just what you need to propel your blog forward! Each of these courses is full of valuable content that was integral to my blogging success. I know it can be for yours as well.

Happy learning!

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The Best Blogging Training Courses For New Bloggers

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