The Best Small Business Planner For Entrepreneurs in 2022

The Best Planner For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners [2022]

Running a personal or small business is hard and chaotic work! Your business is often run by just yourself or a small team of employees that handle everything – the purchasing and finances, event coordination, online sales, website design and maintenance, social media marketing, and more. A small business planner like the Busy Boss Planner can be essential to keeping yourself and your business on track.

Made just for entrepreneurs and small business owners, the spiral bound professional planner has everything you need to organize your marketing initiatives, purchasing, planning, agenda, and more.

As a business owner and blogger without a team of employees I wear a lot of hats. Everything that happens in my business flows through me – and while I love having ownership of every part of my work, it’s a lot to manage! I found early on that I was struggling to keep track of things and to organize my planning and thoughts. I love using spreadsheets and other digital resources, but I needed one central place to keep all of my planning and tracking organized so that I could later dump the data into spreadsheets without forgetting things as they happened.

To help me manage all of the details of running a business I developed the Busy Boss Business Planner, the ultimate planner for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In this post I’m going to walk you through some of the details of the Busy Boss Planner and discuss how it can help you manage your business. Whether you’re searching for the best productivity planners to use as a self-employed contractor or planners for business owners, I think you’ll find the Busy Boss planner a helpful tool to keep your work organized and reduce your stress level!

The Busy Boss Business Planner Features

cover of the busy boss business planner

The Busy Boss professional planner features 12 months of undated weekly planner pages and monthly calendars to help you organize your business and commitments. Each month is labeled and includes a receipt pocket, purchasing template, advertising campaign tracking, social media/promotion planning pages, brainstorming sheets, and more.

interior of busy boss planner - monthly calendar pages

interior of busy boss planner - weekly calendar pages

interior view of busy boss planner - receipt pocket

interior view business planner - advertising and promotion planning and tracking

interior of busy boss planner - brainstorming pages

Monthly goal checklists, goal progress tracking, important event reminders, and task checklists are also included in an overview for each month.

interior of busy boss planner - monthly goal checklists and more

With my business I have a ton of different usernames and passwords that I can never seem to remember, even with my computer’s password saving option! Therefore, I’ve also included in the business planner notebook a login and password tracking page.

interior of busy boss planner - passwords and logins template

The planner also features an events and deadlines overview page to give you an easy glance at your year ahead and all of it’s important dates as you plan.

interior of busy boss planner - due dates and event dates

Below are all of the pages and features included in the Busy Boss Planner:

  • 12 Monthly calendars (undated)
  • 5 Weekly scheduling pages for each month (undated)
  • A monthly list for purchases
  • A monthly pocket for receipts
  • Monthly pages for social media or promotion planning (with space for each day of the month)
  • Monthly advertising or marketing campaign tracking
  • Monthly notes and brainstorming pages
  • A monthly overview for each month including:
    • Important event lists
    • Goal checklists
    • Task checklists
    • Goal progress tracking
  • A logins and password tracking template
  • A yearly overview list for important events and deadlines

What are some of the best parts of the Busy Boss Planner?

  • The vertical planner is undated so you can start using it at any point during the year and still get full use out of it until you reach the same starting month again next year!
  • The approximately 5.5×7.5″ size is thick and robust with all of the Busy Boss business planner features but also fits great into a backpack, purse, or bag on the go.
  • You can throw your receipts all in one place when you’re out and about and record your purchasing right away!
  • You won’t have to think on the spot about what to post on your social media for the day
  • You’ll be able to look back on advertising campaigns and see if they were worth the investment or not
  • You won’t have to keep trying to remember all of your passwords and due dates or important events!
  • You can keep yourself motivated with business goals by keeping checklists and tracking your progress
  • The colorful but “no frills” design doesn’t pressure you to spend time decorating your planner, but still helps you to manage your business with style!

The Busy Boss 2022 spiral planner is the ultimate planner for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Get your business organized and start using one today!

Where can I purchase a Busy Boss Business Planner?

You can purchase a physical copy of the Busy Boss Planner to be delivered to your doorstep using this link to my mom blog shop.

If you’re looking for the best business planner for small business owners or entrepreneurs then where better to find one than from an entrepreneur and small business owner herself?

Bring order to your business and streamline your planning with a copy today.


business planner cover and weekly calendar pages for pinterest

The Best Planner For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners [2022]

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