8 Profitable Ideas For Digital Products To Create & Sell On Your Blog

8 Ideas To Start To Sell Digital Products

Creating digital products and selling them on your blog can be what takes your blog from hobby income to a full-time earning machine. Ad and affiliate income can only take your blog so far, but learning how to create and sell digital products can yield exponentially higher returns for you as you build your online career. However, the big question that always looms for a blogger is… what digital product should I sell?

When I started my first blog I began monetizing it by adding affiliate links. While you can earn high commissions if you select and market the right affiliate products well, I quickly learned that affiliate commissions were not going to provide my blog with income enough to be worth the effort that I had to put into running it – at least not without extremely high and converting traffic.

When my traffic reached a high enough threshold for a good advertising company, I also added ad income to my blog’s earnings. The ad income that I earned was enough to make a notable profit on my site. However, there wasn’t much room for it to grow beyond the consistent level that it returned without very large growth to my traffic and/or site dwell time.

The next step to monetizing my blog (so that I could grow my revenue even if my pageviews did not explode) was to begin to sell digital products on it. For me, this meant creating and selling printables that aligned with the interests of my audience. I specifically chose to sell small one-page printables so that my income could remain very passive and so that I wouldn’t need to update a course, ebook, or any other type of digital product that could require revisions over time.

Every blog has different goals, a different audience, and different subject matter. Every blogger has different skills and strengths. Finding a digital product that’s the right fit for your site can be hard. In this post I’m going to present you with 8 digital product ideas to sell on your blog.

If you aren’t offering a digital product for sale on your blog, it may be the step you need to take your blog earnings to the next level!

Digital Product Ideas:

1. Printables

Printables can be a great low-maintenance way to earn money from your blog! Depending on the type, they are relatively easy to create and the labor is once-and-done for continual passive income.

Below are a few ideas for printables to sell through your blog.

  • Binders
  • Planner Pages
  • Calendars
  • Worksheets
  • Coloring Pages
  • Checklists
  • Craft/Sewing Patterns
  • Educational Materials

(Note: many bloggers use printables as freebies for their email opt-in, so if you want to make money from a printable it needs to be unique or high-quality enough for readers to pay for it. You can often add value to otherwise “freebie” quality printables by combining many of them into a larger bundle.)

2. An Ebook

Creating an ebook can be a great way to earn notable income from your blog! If you’ve been around the blogging world for any period of time you’ve probably noticed that A LOT of big bloggers sell ebooks on a specific area of expertise. If you have specific knowledge to share on a subject matter, an ebook can be a great way to go. They are easy to create and publish and once you do the work you can continue earning on it passively.

3. A Course

Like ebooks, courses are a very popular way for bloggers with a specific area of expertise to earn notable income. If you have specific knowledge to share on a subject matter, creating a course can be a great way to go. Courses may take a little bit more work than ebooks to create, but (if you include video) they get your face in front of your audience which is an added bonus.

4. Design Templates

If your blog is in a craft, DIY, sewing, or similar niche offering design templates to sell could be a great option for you!

Some examples of design templates could include:

  • Printable sewing patterns
  • Printable knit/crochet patterns or instructions
  • DIY project instructions or printable patterns
  • Printable stencils for signs or projects

5. Stock Photography

If you have a talent for photography, you can do more with it than just make your own site and promotions look pretty! Offering individual photos or photo bundles for sale can be a fantastic way to earn with your blog. Just be sure that you consider or outsource the file storage space required for high-resolution photos and take into account any licensing that needs to be offered with them.

6. Curriculum

Whether you are a teacher, a child development expert, a homeschooler, or more, if your blog is connected to the education niche then selling curriculum could be a great way for you to make money! Like ebooks, it may take some work to compile initially, but you can continue to earn passively from multiple downloads of your plans once they are put together.

7. Scripts

It’s a bit more unique of an option, but if your blog is in a niche connected to multi-level marketing coaching, sales, or public relations, you may be able to make an income from selling proven sales scripts on your site. Many multi-level marketers or entrepreneurs trying to grow their business are looking for just the right thing to say to get their foot in the door with a new partner, customer, media outlet, or more. If you’ve established yourself with a go-to script in any of these areas you may be able to capitalize on it for income. Just remember, your own statistics of success will either help you sell your script or turn potential customers away. You have to be able to prove that your tactics work.

Some types of scripts that could be offered include:

  • Cold call phone scripts
  • Networking phone scripts
  • Facebook message outreach scripts
  • Email scripts (initial outreach, information sharing, closing a deal, etc.)

8. Photo Editing Presets

If you spend any time on Facebook or Instagram then you’ve probably already seen some online entrepreneurs offering photo presets for sale. You have to be able to create compelling examples, but if photography and/or photo editing are among your talents, then selling presets could be a way for you to generate income from your blog’s audience.


Many of these ideas for products to sell on a blog require substantial initial work to create, but they can generate passive revenue for years. Just be sure to consider your own skillset and expertise, your blog niche, and the interests of your audience. You will struggle to succeed with any product offering that does not appeal to your audience, is not high quality or offer high-quality information, or that doesn’t fit with any of the other content that readers visit your site to view.

If you’re not ready to create a product but looking for other ways to earn money from your blog, make sure you check out my post on ways to make money blogging.

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8 Ideas To Start To Sell Digital Products

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