Gifts For Bloggers By Budget – Items They Will Love In Every Price Range!

Best Gifts For Bloggers (From A Successful Blogger!)

Finding the right gift for a blogger can be a difficult task. Blogging is a complex hobby, career, or part-time gig that is sometimes hard to understand. I mean, what do bloggers really need aside from a computer and internet access?

In truth, a computer and internet access is about all you need to get started as a blogger. However, as a blogger grows their hobby or blogging career there are many additional items that can make their growth a lot easier and more fun! I’ve slowly accumulated  my own resources as I’ve grown my blogs and I still have a wish-list full of additional items that would bless my blog growth and productivity.

In this post I’m going to list out several great gifts for bloggers by price range to help you find just the right item for whatever occasion you are shopping for and budget you are shopping on. Some of the items are just fun and some of them are practical gifts for bloggers that can make a huge impact on their success. Browse the list and find the one that is the right fit for your friend or loved one!

(Note: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase a product through one of my links I make a commission on your purchase – at no additional expense to you! Read my full disclosure here.)

Gift Guide For Bloggers By Price Range:

Low Budget Gifts For Bloggers

1. A Brainstorming Journal

best gifts for food bloggers

Bloggers are constantly thinking of ideas for new content, marketing, or social media posts. One easy way for them to keep all of the ideas running through their brain streamlined is to use a brainstorming journal! Not only is the gift of a brainstorming journal practical, but it’s also easy to make it a personal one! Journals come in all shapes and sizes, so pick a journal design that resonates with the creative flair of the blogger you are shopping for.

(Go one step further with the gift of a brainstorming journal and add in some fun post-it notes or flags, pens, or markers!)

TO BUY: Check out the selection on Amazon or visit your local Walmart, office supply store, or arts and crafts supplier.

2. A Planner

gifts for aspiring bloggers

Bloggers’ heads are spinning with priorities. From crafting content to scheduling social media posts, designing graphics, and keeping up with the technical side of running a website, bloggers have a lot on their plate. Keeping things organized and on schedule is key – which makes a planner a fantastic gift for a blogger!

Planners come in all shapes and sizes. As a general rule a planner with room to write is important for a blogger! A simple calendar may not be enough space to track everything effectively. Personalize your gift of a planner by finding a style that suits the blogger you are shopping for!

TO BUY: The Happy Planner is a super fun choice for a blogger who likes to really be artistic and creative. You can find the one pictured above and other options on Amazon here. For the more level-headed or practical blogger check out the basic options on Amazon or visit your local office supply store.

3. A USB Computer Mouse

gifts for fashion bloggers

It may sound like a simple gift, but if the blogger you are shopping for doesn’t have a USB computer mouse it can be a game-changer of a practical gift! Unless they hire it out, bloggers create A LOT of graphic designs and having a cordless computer mouse makes crafting the small details in designs so much easier!

TO BUY: Purchase on Amazon or visit your local office supply store.

4. Fun Pens Or Markers

gifts for bloggers UK

Bloggers are constantly jotting down ideas, planning out content, or simply writing themselves reminder notes. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but fun way to bless a blogger in your life, get them some fun pens or markers! Adding a pop of color to their notes with some new pens can make it more fun – leading to more inspiration and productivity!

TO BUY: Purchase fun pens and markers at any Walmart, Target, office supply, arts and crafts store, or Amazon. Just make sure they are fine-tip for easy writing!

5. An Inspirational Coffee Mug

gift ideas for fashion bloggers

If the blogger in your life is a coffee (or tea!) drinker, than odds are their coffee mug is often sitting beside their computer. Every blogger can use a little bit of inspiration, so getting them a coffee mug with a fun or meaningful saying is a fun way to keep them encouraged!

TO BUY: Check out these fun mugs on Amazon or look at your local Target or kitchen supply store.

6. Office Decor Or Staging Items

gift ideas for fashion bloggers

If the blogger you are buying for has an office, new office decor can be a great gift idea! Fresh design elements can breathe fresh life into a bloggers office and inspire new ideas and productivity. If the blogger you are buying for creates a lot of video content, then some office decor and/or staging items can also be a really practical gift! Many bloggers craft an office set-up or backdrop just for their videos – which would benefit from a new pop of color or addition of decor.

TO BUY: Check out the selection at your local Target, Hobby Lobby, or home goods store or buy online from Amazon.

Mid-Range Gifts For Bloggers

1. A Photoshoot

gifts for bloggers 2018

Bloggers are always needing photos of themselves! Whether it’s a headshot for an about me page or images for social media or posts, every blogger ends up needing high quality personal photos. Help them keep a polished look on their site and social media accounts by gifting them a professional photoshoot! Even a few high quality images can go a long way.

TO BUY: Contact a local photographer and arrange for a session to be gifted.

2. A Laptop Bag

gifts for bloggers UK

Unless the blogger in your life specifically happens to be a desktop lover, most bloggers are attached at the hip to their laptop. Help them to transport their computer and keep accessories organized in style with a new laptop bag! There are all kinds of options from over the shoulder or backpack to colorful and flashy or business basic. Help the blogger in your life to blog in style with one that matches their personality and needs.

TO BUY: Browse a huge selection of styles on Amazon or visit your local Best Buy or electronics store.

3. A Smartphone Tripod

gifts for fashion bloggers

If the blogger your are gifting is highly active on social media or creates a lot of video, then a smartphone tripod may be just the practical gift that they need! Purchase one with a light attached to help them take bright, stable, and high quality photos and videos in their own office or home. Smartphone tripod stands are relatively inexpensive but an essential tool for a blogger working with video or highly engaged on Instagram or Facebook.

(To meet all of the blogger’s photo and video needs, purchase a tripod stand that also includes a remote clicker to snap the photos or start the video recording!)

TO BUY: There are some great options on Amazon. I personally use and recommend this one!

4. Stock Photo Credits

gifts for a food blogger

While using original images adds a great personal touch to a blog and is essential for social media, most bloggers utilize a fair share of stock photos on their site. Stock photos are simply photos taken by another person that are available to be downloaded and used by bloggers (and other users) for a small fee. You can’t go wrong to gift the blogger in your life credits for stock photography!

TO BUY: I personally use and love the stock photo collection at Deposit Photos. Just make sure wherever you purchase credits for a blogger that the site’s database includes photos relevant to the topic or niche of their blog.

5. Software

gifts for aspiring bloggers

You might have to do a little bit of digging into what the blogger in your life already owns and/or wishes that they had, but the gift of a software program can be a huge blessing to someone trying to grow a blog! Some key software options to purchase if the blogger doesn’t already use them are:

TO BUY: Purchase them online for download and installation or look for cd copies on Amazon or at your local Best Buy or electronics store.

6. A Subscription

gift for food blogger

There are A LOT of subscription programs that are extremely helpful (if not essential) to bloggers trying to grow their traffic and following. Giving the gift of a subscription or funds for one is a practical way to contribute foundationally to a blogger’s success. There is a subscription program for everything from SEO research and tracking to graphic design and social media scheduling.

If you’re not sure what subscription would benefit the blogger in your life, these are the most essential programs to me:

  • Canva – This is an online graphic design program that is easy to use even for those with no design background or expertise!
  • Tailwind – This is a social media scheduler for Pinterest and Instagram. It allows bloggers to upload their content and automatically have it post to the platforms at given times to keep the blogger from being tied to their computer!
  • SEMrush – This is a keyword research and SEO subscription tool that provides bloggers with all of the information that they need to work toward ranking their posts on search engines like Google and track their success with them.

TO BUY: Click on the links above for each of the subscriptions I’ve listed or visit the website for the program that the blogger you are buying for is interested in.

7. A Course Or Book

best gifts for food bloggers

Bloggers are constantly needing to learn to stay on top of their game! A great practical gift to help a blogger maintain their success or grow their blog is to gift them an ebook or course. Learning from other bloggers who are one step ahead or have made it big can be fundamental to a blogger’s success. There are fantastic courses on everything from using Pinterest to ranking on Google or planning content.

Here are a few of my all-time favorite ebooks/courses:

  • Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – This is a fantastic course for a blogger who wants to start or grow affiliate marketing (making money by earning a commission on the sale of products or services that are not their own) on their blog.
  • Pinteresting Strategies – For any new blogger or blogger really struggling to gain traffic to their site this course is a MUST. It provides all of the info and steps a blogger needs to really start gaining traffic to their site from Pinterest.
  • Backlinks – In full disclosure, I have not taken this exact course. However, I have had a personal coaching session with Debbie and it was invaluable. She has a wealth of knowledge on SEO (and the success to back it up)! If the blogger you’re shopping for needs to grow their search engine traffic, this is a great resource.

TO BUY: Visit the links above! Most of the courses are available through email after purchasing, so you can gift them with the blogger’s email or send them to yourself to forward on after gifting.

High Budget Gifts For Bloggers

1. A Laptop

gift ideas for food bloggers

A laptop is an essential tool for a blogger. A GOOD laptop can be a game changer. If the blogger you’re shopping for is working on an out-dated laptop or one with poor screen quality or storage, then a new laptop could be the most essential gift you could give them!

Keep in mind the below needs specific to a blogger as you shop for a new laptop:

  • Color representation and screen quality – Bloggers do a lot of graphic design and photo editing. A laptop with poor color representation or a pixelated screen can really be difficult to work with. Make sure you look for one with a crisp display and accurate coloration.
  • Operating capacity – Bloggers often have many browser tabs open at once that can use up a lot of operating power. Make sure the laptop that you plan to purchase allows many functions to work simultaneously without slowing each other down.
  • Storage – Bloggers often save A LOT of files, especially images. Make sure that the laptop you are planning to purchase has large storage capacity or gift along an external hardrive for added file space.

TO BUY: Browse a large selection on Amazon or visit your local Apple store or Best Buy.

2. An Iphone

gifts for bloggers 2017

Bloggers use all kinds of apps to manage their social media, communicate with their following, take photos, edit photos, and maintain their site. Having a good phone is foundational to these tasks. If the blogger in your life has an outdated phone or one that doesn’t take high quality photos, then a new phone might be the perfect gift for them! I personally use and recommend an iPhone due to it’s easy to use apps and extremely high quality camera.

TO BUY: Visit your local Apple store or cell phone service provider.

3. A Desk

gifts for food bloggers

If the blogger in your life has a home office or wants to create one, give them the gift of a new desk! A functional and stylish desk can be important to a blogger’s productivity AND it can be an essential element of their staging for videos or social media photos. Every blogger has different personal preferences when it comes to a desk, but having one can help even an on-the-go laptop blogger to have a central command center and keep themselves organized.

TO BUY: I personally LOVE the furniture selections at IKEA. They have a large selection of affordable and stylish desk options. You can also purchase one online or from a local furniture store!

4. An Ergonomic Desk Chair

best christmas gifts for bloggers

If the blogger in your life already has a desk, do they have a comfortable and stylish chair? Bloggers can spend long hours sitting at their desk. It can be essential to their health that they are sitting on an ergonomic chair that doesn’t strain their back or neck. In addition, many bloggers stage videos or photos for their blog or social media at their desk. Having a stylish chair can be just one more element to make those photos and videos stand out!

TO BUY: Again, I really like a lot of the office furniture options at IKEA. You can also find a large selection on Amazon or visit your local Staples or Office Depot.

5. A Digital Camera

best gift for a blogger

For many bloggers, a good iPhone camera is sufficient for their needs, but if the blogger in your life has a specific passion for photography on their site or in their social media, then a digital camera may be the perfect gift option for them. Digital cameras feature enhanced zoom options and operating functions that can help a blogger to create sharp images that make their blog or social media accounts stand out from the rest.

TO BUY: You can purchase a great high quality digital camera on Amazon or visit your local Best Buy or electronics store.

Show the blogger in your life that you value what they do and that you want to help them to succeed by blessing them with one of the gift options above. There is an option for every budget that a blogger is sure to love!

best gifts for fashion bloggers

Cool Gifts For Bloggers – For Every Budget!

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