How To Use Lightroom App To Make Your Photos Dazzle – For Free!

How To Use Lightroom Mobile Free To Create Stunning Photos

If you haven’t come across a Lightroom mobile editing tutorial yet in your business journey, I’m so glad you landed here! Adobe’s Lightroom app is a powerful tool that even photo editing novices (like myself) can use to alter the light and color balance of images to make them stand out in business promotions.

Learning how to use the Lightroom app is EASY and it has been one of the most impactful and exciting resources that I’ve encountered yet as an online entrepreneur. You can use Lightroom mobile FREE to turn your dark and dreary photos into bright and cheerful ones with just a few small adjustments. Social media photo filters are fun and they can help to brighten your images and bring a unified look to your accounts. However, as soon as I discovered the Adobe Lightroom app I quickly threw all of them out the window in favor of my own editing!

I’m sure there are other photo editing apps and programs out there that are also free and do a good job – but I just had to share this one with you because, quite simply, I love it!

Every photo you take (especially if it’s just with a mobile phone) has different lighting effects and color saturation depending on the time of day, location, color the person in the photo is wearing, etc. Adobe Lightroom’s mobile app makes it SUPER easy to adjust the light balance in your photos to turn dark drab images into stunning ones that draw your followers in!

I am NOT a photo editing expert by any stretch of the word, but below are a few examples of what I was able to achieve with just a few adjustments to my photos in the Lightroom app:

lightroom mobile review

lightroom mobile instagram

Read on to learn how to use Lightroom app basics and make people look twice at your social media images!

Lightroom Mobile Editing Tutorial – Setting Up Lightroom

Here’s how to download the Lightroom app and get yourself set up to begin editing photos:

1. Download the Lightroom App on your iPhone or iPad. (You can find it here).

2. Launch the app.

3. Click on “Sign Up” for a free Adobe Account (unless you already have one from using other Adobe products).

4. Input your sign up information and click “Sign Up” to submit it.

5. Click “OK” to allow Lightroom to access the photos on your device.

6. That’s it – you’re in! Read below for how to begin USING Lightroom.

Lightroom Mobile Editing Tutorial – Using The App

Here’s how to use the Lightroom app to edit your photos:

1. Open the Lightroom App and select a photo from your library to edit. (If you don’t see any photos listed there should be a button in the lower right hand corner of the app when you are in the photo library to upload or take images.)

2. After you open your photo you will see a menu of adjustment options listed at the bottom of the photo (on iPhone) or the right hand side of the photo (iPad). Note – if you are using Lightroom on the iPad, you will likely have to click on the menu icon with three lines to access most of the menu options that I’m going to discuss.

3. Play with the settings for your photo! Every photo needs different adjustments and your preferences might be different than mine. The best way to learn how to get the results you want with your photos is to simply start to play with adjustments. That said – below are a few of my go-to adjustments to make:

Light (The “sun” icon in the menu bar). I usually start editing all of my photos by adjusting the light to brighten them up. Here’s what I usually do (but again, I don’t do it exactly the same for every photo – which is why I’m not a huge fan of presets).

  1. Exposure – I usually slide this up
  2. Contrast – I usually slide this up a bit too
  3. Highlights – I usually slide up some
  4. Shadows – I usually slide down a bit
  5. Whites – I usually slide up a decent amount
  6. Blacks – I usually slide down a bit

Color (This is the “dropper” icon in the menu bar). I typically adjust my photo color after adjusting the lighting. Again, what I adjust varies with every photo but below are some of my “typical” adjustments.

  1. Temp – I usually don’t change much but sometimes slide down a bit
  2. Tint – I almost never touch
  3. Vibrance – I often slide up a bit
  4. Saturation – I often slide down just a bit

Crop (The “frame” icon in the menu bar). You can also crop your photos in Lightroom. If you are working on Instagram photos and want them square, click on the “3×4” adjustment icon once you are in the “crop” menu item and you can specifically select a “1×1 Square.”

4. Export Your Photo. When you are happy with the edits you’ve made and ready to use your photo, simply click on the small export button in the top right hand corner of the app to save your photo to your camera roll or a file of your choosing.

how to use lightroom cc

That’s it! You’re ready to blow your social media followers away with bright and stunning photos!


How To Use Lightroom Mobile Free To Create Stunning Photos

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